Our Policies and Philosophies

What you need to know before you register for private lessons:

1. We enroll for lessons year-round. We can not take summers off, and we expect students to continue their lessons as consistently as possible. (Don't worry, we can be flexible with the summer schedule to try to accomodate your family's needs!) If the student chooses to break for the entire summer, we can not allow them to preregister in the spring for a fall time, and we can not guarantee them a place in their teacher's studio for the following year.

2. Make-up lessons will only be given if the teacher cancels, the student is sick, or if there is a family emergency---and ONLY if the lesson is canceled in advance; limit two per school year.

3. Private music lessontuition includes 48 lessons and a minimum of 2 recitals per calendar year, plus the teachers' time spent administrating, making copies, doing continuing education, and attending competitions/events. Payment installments are due on the first of every month. Check the Calendars and Breaking News page for upcoming dates!

4. Tuition information for private music lessons can be found under the Music Lessons page. There is a $30 studio fee for all lessons and classes, which is charged every September. This helps to cover printing, recital, and event travel expenses. Click here to understand how we bill.

5. We auto-bill all our students on the first of the month (credit/debit/checking account). We can not accomodate other payment arrangements, unless you would prefer to pay for the entire year in advance. If you would like to withdraw from lessons, you must give us 30-days notice in writing, so that we may stop your auto-deduction. If you have paid for the entire year in advance, there can be no refund.

6. Recital participation is not required, but it is strongly recommended. Competitions and adjudications are available if the student would like to take part in those activities. We are happy to help your student find and prepare for events and auditions if desired.

7. Our mission is to do what is best for our students and their families, we as teachers, and the entire artistic community. We value and welcome your feedback at all times.