House Rules

Here are some rules now that we are teaching from home again. Three studios from one house makes this necessary.

1. Please don't pull into our driveway for any reason (we have too many students walking up and down our driveway, and have had too many close calls!), or park in the driveway, or behind our cars, or in front of any mailboxes. Please DO park out in front of our house on the street if possible, or in front of the neighbors' houses if our spots are taken.

2. Please don't come more than 5 mins early or pick up students more than 5 mins late, and we will promise to be on time! This will minimize excess traffic inside and outside of our house.

3. Please don't wait in our front yard or on the sidewalk in front of our house. Please DO hang out in the "lobby" (or there are multiple grocery stores, coffee shops, Keizer Station, gas stations--lots of places to get errands done, etc. around our neighborhood). Our neighbors will appreciate this, and so will our children.

3. Our animals aren't scary, but because of liability, we suppose it wouldn't be smart of us to invite you to play with them if you happen to see them loitering about. The dog is a black lab named Rufus and the cats are Todd and LuLu. I understand some people may be frightened or allergic so we will do our very best to keep them out of the studios and lobby at all times.

Thank you so much for helping our family maintain a little privacy, and helping us show courtesy to our neighbors. We really appreciate it!