We Are Now Seitzleaf Studios!

Sara Greenleaf (piano) and Noah Seitz (cello and guitar) have moved to their studios at home, Seitzleaf Studios, in the Gubser Neighborhood in Keizer.

We offer private piano, cello, and guitar lessons exclusively. If you are looking for other types of lessons or classes, try a Google search--many teachers have websites, or business listings in the online yellow pages. We can usually give you some referrals if you don't find what you're looking for. Willamette University's music office has a list of good teachers in the area, and music stores always have a list of names and numbers as well!

Why Study With Us?

Our mission is to set your student up for success in the performing arts. That means our teachers focus on the building blocks of arts education: theory, technique, history, auditioning, and performance strategy.

We hold two to three studio recitals per year, we provide access to collaboration between students of different disciplines, and we prepare our students for any regional auditions, adjudications, or master classes that pique their interest.

Our studio also means convenience. Auto-debit, online enrollment, up-to-date website calendar, email updates, sibling discounts/multiple student priority scheduling, and a commitment to staying abreast of the latest music technology, all make your experience with us as streamlined as possible.

A Pleasant Place to Study

Parents are welcome to wait for their students in the little lobby between our studios. We have wifi and magazines, and books and toys for siblings while you wait. It's a nice way to "listen in" on your student's lessons without feeling like you may be a distraction. Parents are always welcome in the studios, though, and we encourage you to watch a few lessons throughout the year.

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